Home: where the heart is

I live in an older home… older than me anyway and that’s quite old enough for a house. The “must do” list is long and seems to grow longer even as items get crossed off. The “want to do” list is even longer still and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it all.

But on days like today, I am overwhelmed in a different way. As I’m in my kitchen baking a

South Georgia sunset
A sunset captured from my front yard.

cheesecake to help celebrate a friend’s birthday, as my sister stops by to take her lunch break with me, as I’m in the garden putting down mulch and working with the soil, as I plan and picture where things should be planted, as I watch the bluebirds flitting in and out of their house preparing for young ones to come, as I feel the sun on my back and a cooling breeze on my face; I am overwhelmed with a sublime sense of belonging and being blessed beyond measure.

My home has many flaws… and there are many things that I could do to make it better. But even with its imperfections – and perhaps sometimes because of them – it is a very nurturing place for me and on days like today I fully appreciate the sense of peace and rejuvenation that it brings.

It’s a bit cliche to say it, but on days like this I’m reminded of how important it is to count your blessings. Life can be frustrating and complicated and hectic and there are so many things that can bring one down. But it’s truly remarkable how much a thankful heart can

garden South Georgia Transplant
My garden isn’t grand or all that pretty to look at, frankly, but I gain a lot of sanity out there!

change our perspective and bring us the moments of peace and joy that we so desperately need in our lives!

I’m so thankful that my home has a big yard that welcomes lots of wildlife. It gives me plenty of room to plant a garden, have a space for my dogs to play (and stay out of my hair), and lots of space that allows me not to be squashed in by neighbors on all sides.

I’m thankful for a home that is filled with things that make me smile, bring back memories, or are just beautiful to look at. I’m thankful for the solitude it allows me, my home is truly my sanctuary and where this introvert goes to recharge!

In today’s world of Pinterest, and home improvement shows, we often get caught up in what our home is not.  Today is a good day to focus on what your home is. What about your home are you thankful for today?

Maddy South Georgia Transplant
What says “home” more than a dog snoring happily?