Life overcomes

I was recently given ten fruit trees from a friend who was moving. It was necessary to transplant the trees during the heat of the summer – not an ideal time for the move. But I am happy to report that nine of the ten not only survived, but are now thriving in their new home!

People and plants have a lot of things in common. Life in general, though complex beyond human comprehension, when pared down to its simplest form was created to survive. Even with the odds stacked against them, nine little trees dug their roots in and flourished. (We won’t talk about poor number ten, the jury is still out on that one).

Life overcomes, that’s what it was designed to do. It fights, it pushes, it seeks, it adapts, it goes on.

We’ve all seen it in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The poignant photos of people literally clinging to life… hanging on to whatever they were able to in order to keep from being swept away and under. Even the wildlife. Stunning photos of wild animals swimming toward humans on boats, instinctively knowing that they needed to overcome their fear of humans if they wanted to survive. And they did.

We will see it again when the raging fires are finally tamed throughout the Western States. Life will overcome. Barren, blackened, bleak landscapes will be transformed as new life rises from the ashes – tiny tendrils of green will push through the black and unfurl beneath the sun.

As Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc throughout the Caribbean and now inches it’s way on Florida’s shore, life will once again be put to the test. The news will be full of destruction and sadly, there will be deaths. But watch for life.

One of my favorite tv shows from earliest childhood memories was Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Something about him was always very soothing and reassuring. In an interview once, he said that his mother always told him to look for the helpers in any disaster situation – they’re always there.

And it’s true. If you look, you’ll find the good. You’ll see the helpers. Life overcomes.


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