Signing off for 2016

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but I am rather fond of Old Year’s reflections. 2016, by most standards, was not exactly a stellar year. But it did provide some valuable lessons.

I discovered Tai Chi this year. Well, “discovered” may not be the right word for it… but I tried it and liked it and have made it a part of my life (though I don’t do it as often as I should).

If you’re not sure what Tai Chi is (and no, it’s not my dyslexic version Chai Tea – I discovered that one many years ago), it’s often in the background in movies or tv shows… a bunch of elderly people (usually Chinese) doing kung-fu-like moves in slow motion in a park at dawn.

And while it is an excellent form of exercise for the elderly… young people can do it too!!!!  And even those of us who are slightly passed young but not yet elderly. I find that it has done wonders for my stress and anxiety.

The slow deliberate movements paired with deep breathing improves my emotional well being by lowering stress, and improves my physical well being with increased flexibility and balance. The low impact exercise is perfect to do right before going to bed.

I had an important breakthrough this year in my professional life. Know and acknowledge your own strengths and then approach every situation from a position of confidence. This has sort of become my mantra and has really helped me in successfully transitioning from an “employee” to a self-employed entrepreneur.

Working from home has had its challenges, not the least of which is my lack of housekeeping skills. Despite the chaos of my personal life, I have always managed to maintain a semblance of order and organization in my place of work.

When my place of work is my living room, or bedroom or on rare occasions – my actual home office – my personal chaos interferes with my professional accomplishments. So, I have had to develop some better habits and am working toward decluttering my home.

I say working toward because I am far from there at this point. But I have made progress. My ultimate goal is to “have a place for everything”. At the moment, I still have too much STUFF for everything to be put in its place. I am working on throwing away or giving away all the things that take up space in my home but bring no real value to it or to me.

This isn’t an easy process for a clutter bug like myself and I suspect it will take some time for me to get there. But I am hopeful that by the end of the upcoming year, I will have a place for everything in my home and everything will be in its place! In the meantime, I am working on developing the habit of returning items that DO have a place to their respective home whenever they have wandered off. 🙂

Small changes add up and can make a cumulative effect that is truly life changing.

As the new year begins, I hope that this will be the best year yet! I never want the best of my life to be in my past. I really believe that I can continue to better myself, continue to find beauty in this world, continue to discover new depths to existing friendships, continue to meet new people who challenge and uplift me, continue to learn to love more deeply, continue to appreciate more fully, continue to grow and learn and evolve.



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