It’s THAT time of year again

I hate hot weather. I’m not even sure that hate is an adequate descriptor… abhor maybe? Loathe? Detest?  Well, I think you get the idea.

Here in South Georgia it gets HOT this time of year. Not warm, not uncomfortable – OPPRESSIVE! If you’ve never experienced a summer in the South, just try to imagine stepping inside one of those big commercial dryers (you know, the ones that get so hot that when you take your jeans out of them, you better not let the metal button touch your skin or you’ll be branded for life?) – now imagine that it would feel like stepping inside that dryer every time you take a step outside and you’ll get the idea.

Every summer, I wonder what. in. THE. hell. (because that is how hot it is!) was I thinking when I left the nice, cool Pacific Northwest for this!

So, it seems to me that this is a really good time to remind myself of why I moved here and why I stay here… despite the sweltering heat that seems to intensify year after year.

My family is here. Friends are wonderful and I have some super amazing ones. But family is family and if you have family that you are close to (relationship-wise), there is just no substitute for having them around. I lived for a number of years isolated (due to physical distance) from my family and I really missed that camaraderie that only your kinfolk can provide.

As this blog might suggest, putting down roots is important to me. So, it makes sense that my new roots here are a big part of why I stay. I like this feeling of belonging. I like that I’m becoming a part of a community. I like that I’m beginning to know where “home” is. I like making long-term plans regarding my house and yard and garden. I like imagining how big my blueberry bush will be in another five years, or planning my new deck and water feature in the backyard (several years down the road).

I really like not having to think about saying, “goodbye”.

When you move as often as I have, the goodbyes become a part of life. A difficult part of life. Even though it is easier to stay in touch these days with unlimited calling and texting and Facebook and Skype… those things can’t compare with hangin’ out in person.

Almost as difficult as the goodbyes, for an introvert like me, are all the new hellos that follow. I don’t like to meet new people. Don’t get me wrong, after I get to know new people, I’m glad that I met them (most of the time)! But I hate the process of the initial meeting. So, I really like that I don’t have to dread a whole slew of new hellos!

So, I guess when it’s all said and done, I’ll suck it up and deal with the heat for one more summer and then another and then, yes, another one after that. Who knows… I may even acclimate to it one of these days, but that might require that I leave my summer hibernation in my nicely cooled home. In the mean time, thank goodness for air-conditioning, direct deposit, online bill pay, working from home, and!

Faded Flower
This is how I feel when I walk outside: wilted and faded and sad. Even the flora hates this heat!



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