Tall Ships: a seafaring history

One of the things I love about living in the South is that history is so much a part of the present. As I mentioned in a previous blog about Civil War reenactments, I love to be able to experience (and photograph) history in a way that is up close and personal.

A few years ago, the Tall Ships Challenge® had a scheduled stop in Savannah. I missed most of the festivities held along River Street, but managed to see the parade of ships as they left port heading out to the Atlantic. I had a great seat for the parade of ships, perched on a large boulder on the shore of the Savannah River from Fort Pulaski’s Cockspur Island.

I really enjoyed the experience, and have since made a point of visiting some of the tall ships when they visit the port in Savannah; including the Lynx and tandalucia masthe Andalucia. For a small fee, you can get on board, have a look around and even talk to the crew.

The ships are things of graceful beauty. Elegant in design. Carved of bold woods and draped with thick, rough rope. There is symmetry and purpose in every nook and cranny. A work of art, a piece of history, a feat of engineering and workmanship.

The Tall Ship Challenge® will be returning to the Atlantic Coast (and presumably making a stop in Savannah) next summer. If you missed them last time they came through, plan to see them in 2017 – you’ll be glad you did!


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